I have been a psychic for over 20 years. I am an Energy Healer and Reiki Master.  I use Tarot cards as my main modality for client readings to help them create choices to find their direction.  My intuition helps people find clarity or understanding, and enlighten them to other choices or perspectives that they may not have been aware of―all geared toward creating a balance of mind, emotions, and spiritual well-being.

I am also a medium, which enables me to feel and see people/pets whom have passed into spirit, your spiritual guides, animal totems, and your aura field. I have no control over who does or doesn’t come through. The psychic insight provided is exactly those psychic impressions I receive; and more often than not, these impressions will answer questions or contribute to peace of mind and healing of their spirit-soul. On occasion, the information I receive also requires additional investigation by my clients.

My empathic abilities enable me to be highly sensitive to those who are suffering, confused, lacking clarity, and/or in need of spiritual-spirit counseling. My personal life experiences, as well as psychic intuition allows me a depth of understanding and the ability to help others see clearly, so they may begin a new path of personal awareness and enlightenment, prepare new life affirmations, and experience a new sense of freedom and joy.

My Business partner is Natosha Keefer.  She is a Aura Painter and Intuitive reader.